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Welcome To Hell.....

LJ's Official Black and Death Metal Community

The Official Death/Black Metal Community On LJ
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All Members , Moderated
Weclome the core of LJ's hell......there is not turning back. There is no escape.
This is LJ's pure and official death and black metal community. You could do anything here, as long as it has to do with black or death metal. There are no rules in hell. This is also an icon community so you could make some sick ass black metal or death metal icons. Anyone wanna be a co mod of this community, just email me. Tell me one good reason why you would wanna be a co mod of this community, and if your reason is good, I will consider you. My email adress is jbkc1620@bellsouth.net.

Some stuff about me....
My name is Kevin.
Well, my favorite death metal bands are Hate Eternal and Cannibal Corpse.
My favorite black metal bands are Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth.

Oh, you are also gonna need an application to join.

Favorite Black Metal Bands:
Favorite Death Metal Bands
Some Stuff About Yourself

See, it is not that hard.
Oh and....

Have fun in hell.......